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Bankruptcy Legal Counseling Center of Oklahoma - Attorney Patrick E. Moore and Attorney Elizabeth Pickens, attorney (Office at 3601 North Classen Blvd Suite 107, OKC), is a designated debt relief agency and helps people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. If you have too much debt, need debt counseling or want to consolidate your bills The Bankruptcy Legal Counseling Center can help.  The attorney has helped hundreds of clients obtain relief under the Bankruptcy Code before the changes instituted in October of 2005. Since that date, he has received training under the new act and continues to assist hundreds of clients in filing for bankruptcy relief.  For an experienced bankruptcy attorney in the Oklahoma City area choose Patrick E. Moore.  A Bankruptcy attorney you can depend upon.  An excellent bankruptcy lawyer.

Under the Bankruptcy Reform Act, debtors may still:

- STOP - Foreclosures on your home
- STOP - Repossession of your vehicles
- STOP - Garnishments of wages or bank accounts
- STOP - Creditor harassment
- Relieve credit card debt
- Provide time to pay back child support through a court approved plan

Because each case is unique, no one should rely on this site or any other site for legal advice. We encourage you to call today for a free consultation to discuss your individual needs.

Our commitment is confidential, caring and personalized service! 

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